Fees Structure

Our fees are very straightforward:

business financeI do not charge by hour, but i do charge by session. Our session is between 90 minutes and 120 minutes, i would not say ” we need to stop” because is already one hour. Our session is $ 300 .

A lot of clients ask me if we need more than one session. Not an easy answer, i had only 2 times a divorce that we had a full agreement in one session, in general takes 2 to 4 sessions. There are children involved ? properties? gifts? do you have a civilized and acceptable level of communication ? all this matter and have a strong weight on the duration of the process.

a full Memorandum of Understanding ( a summary and instructions to a lawyer or to be used  as a reference by the divorcing couple)  i will charge $ 900 .

In the Memorandum of Understanding, we will include the Equalization of property, parenting plan, child support, and spousal support calculations, and all the clauses discussed during the sessions,  in our memorandum of the understanding you will find the core of the separation agreement.


Partial memorandum of understanding that includes parenting plan and supports calculation is $ 500.

Please note that a lot of clients, use my Memorandum of understanding as a reference for a future separation agreement, not always divorcing couple ended up doing the separation agreement .


The separation agreement is the final document/contract   written by  the family lawyer that is co mediating with me and  is a flat fee of $ 2000 plus taxes.